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With a team of highly experienced hospitality and event professionals, we offer solutions for your restaurant, function or hospitality business.

Rover & Still business services include staff training, restaurant start-ups, recruitment and guidance with already established businesses.  


We can plan, organise and cater for events, functions and festivals.

Hospitality start-ups and solutions


With a large resume of hospitality start-ups behind us, we can guide you in making your new restaurant and hospitality business a success.  We offer guidance and advice to already established hospitality businesses to streamline systems and increase revenue.

A highly experienced chef can help plan your kitchen and advise on equipment for maximum efficiency from the outset.  We can work together with your kitchen team on menu design and refinement to wow your customers.  

Supplier selection and negotiation will ensure your produce and supply prices are competitive and deliveries streamlined. 

Our front of house professionals, with fine-dining, hotel, club, and large event experience train and educate your staff to ensure your customers are looked after the way you wish to be.  




Our event and functions team are professionals in their field, organising multi-day food events, corporate days, weddings and fabulous parties large and small.  The team have  years of experience as event planners, chefs, restaurant and function managers catering, planning and managing large festivals, food events and smaller functions.   

Our organisation specialists can help build relationships and develop partnerships.   Our travel consultants help to streamline bookings for clients.  We have had experience managing hospitality staff, liaising with working partners, stall holders and large teams of volunteers.


Staff Training


Great service is one of the defining features of a memorable meal or event.   Service is a subtle art, that requires skill and flair.  With training encompassing a solid skill set, encouragement and personality, your staff members will convey your business’ desired look and feel. 

Our trainers are Australian qualified and teachers in University, TAFE and Australian registered training organisations.  With experience teaching in English to non-native speakers, our trainers can help staff with cross-cultural exchanges and the high expectations of international guests.


About Us


Rover & Still was established to fulfill a targeted gap in the hospitality sector.  With years of restaurant, function, start-up and teaching experience behind them, principals Jo and Adam were often asked about new ventures by new and established businesses.  

Drawing on the identified talent that they have personally worked with over the years they put together a highly experienced team that love the event and hospitality industry that will help support your business to flourish.


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